A game for the lonely and bored.

$1,000 Prize! | #ThinkFunThings

Hi, my name is Black. I'm a pretty lonely person. That word has many meanings for me, but usually it's not a bad word. I enjoy being alone most of the time, primarily because I've always been alone, even as a child, and therefore that preference was embedded into my psyche early on.

Other people often disappoint me, and so I try not to disappoint them. One way I do that and to feel less alone (when I don't want to be that is) is to create fun for others. I've done it for as long as I can remember, whether that be to make up entirely new games or spice up the staples we all played as kids like dressing as a killer to play a much funner version of hide and seek, creating Easter egg hunts, or making treasure maps with actual buried treasure for friends to find. That is the goal of this game, pure and simple fun.

What exactly is this game? It's fairly straightforward. However many people join by October 1st (when entry closes) will get to play. Players will be presented with a series of challenges and will be eliminated until only one player remains. That player will win a cash reward of $1,000. Sorry to be vague, but you'll need to join the game and play to learn more. Only players inside the game, as they're playing, will learn what the challenges are as they drop.

Entry requires only an internet connection. Once entered, you'll gain access to a private waiting room, where you can meet and chat with the other players until the game begins, and also during and between challenges once it does.

— ♥ Thank You!

Invitations Closed

Rules and guidelines.

  • If you refuse to do a challenge, you'll be eliminated.
  • If you fail to complete a challenge by its deadline (if one is set), you'll be eliminated.
  • If all players manage to complete a challenge successfully, the person in last place (time wise) may be eliminated.
  • New challenges are not released on a fixed schedule and can drop at random.
  • Challenges and the duration of the game depend entirely on player turnout. For example, if only 10 players join, that will look a lot different than if 1,000 players join.
  • There are certain aspects of the game that are structured, and others that are more open-ended. Not even I know all the challenges yet or the final outcome of the game.
  • I may provide clues, hints, and other perks along the way, but for now, the only tip I can really give you if you want the best chance of winning, is to take the challenges seriously, and play with kindness, sincerity, honesty, and patience.


Optionally, if you wish to use an anonymous username and email address (so long as it's valid so that you can receive your invite and notifications) to play the game under, you're welcome to do so. Unless you specify an alternate email address, your invitation will go to the email address you requested an invite from and will remain your email address throughout the game.

If at any point you have any questions or concerns (other than asking me for hints or tips about winning the game), you may email me.

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